Crema Finance’s cracker returned about $ 7 8 million stolen funds

Crema Finance’s cracker returned about $ 7.8 million stolen funds

The attacked protocol of the decentralized liquidity of Crema Finance Hacker returned part of the stolen funds.

👉 AFTER A LONG NEGOTION, The HACKER AGREED to TAKE 45455 Sol as the White Hat Bounty. Now We have confirmed the Receipt of 6064 ETH + 23967.9 Sol In Four Transactions Indicated Below. A Follow-Up Compensation Plan Will Be ReleASDE in 48H.

– Cremafinance (@crema_finance) July 6, 2022

The cracker decided to return the assets after negotiations with the protocol team. He left himself 45,455 SOL (about $ 1.6 million at the time of writing) as a reward.

Crema Finance confirmed the receipt of 6064 ETH ($ 7 million) and 23,967 SOL ($ 879,000) with four transactions from the hacker.

Representatives of the project promised to publish a compensation plan to publish within 48 hours.

Recall that after the attack in early July, Crema Finance stopped the application.

According to Atlas VPN, in the first half of 2022, hackers stolen $ 1.97 billion aimed at the cryptocurrency industry.

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