Excessive heat of mining – how to make money on it?

Excessive heat of mining – how to make money on it?

One of the key problems of the mining sector is an excessive amount of heat released during the operation of computing equipment. There are so many excess heat from mining farms that this process heats the atmosphere, negatively affecting the climate. As a result, miners are forced to spend a lot of money on cooling their equipment and farms. But there is an alternative solution to the problem – to use the generated heat for heating houses and greenhouses, as well as in production and agriculture. Thus, the mining sector takes another step towards completely “green” production of cryptocurrencies.

The problem of excess heat from mining

As you know, mining means to spend a large amount of electricity. Because of this problem, the regulators of many countries want to ban the extraction of cryptocurrencies on a POW algorithm. In order to reduce the harmful effects of the production of crypts on the world, miners are trying to develop “green” mining technologies.

This problem has two solutions that may like the regulators:

  • Increase the efficiency of the cooling system https://gagarin.news/ of mining farms;
  • Re -use the produced heat when mining crypts.

The advantages of the second solution are obvious. If you approach the matter wisely and everything is good to calculate, then excessive heat can be turned into a source of additional profit.

Heat repatriation is one of the most promising areas of minimizing the harmful effects of mining.

Mining heaters for home

The simplest and most optimal solution for the disposal of excess heat is to use it as home heaters. You can adapt the ASIC to heating the premises yourself, but there are already solutions on the market that can allow the use of mining equipment as a heater for residential buildings.

Among them are Qarnot, Green Heat and Comino devices. Similar devices cost from $ 1000 to $ 3,000, and their power is from 500 watts. This is enough to heat a one -room apartment or a large living room in the house. Unlike simple asiks, mining heaters look aesthetically pleasing and practically no noise, because they do not require strong cooling. Some models also have air quality sensors, charging for smartphones and other useful things.

However, it should be noted that, depending on weather conditions in the region and the cost of electricity, the mining heater can be both profitable and unprofitable. For example, the Hotmine CM-1 device, which is located in the USA and Canada, can pay off for heating in 2-3 years. Moreover, later it can completely fully cover the cost of electricity and even monthly mine coins for several tens or hundreds of dollars.

Houses heating with mining

The heat that is produced in the process of cryptocurrency mining may be enough for heating about 8 million private houses during the year. And although all this heat cannot be used for these purposes, the repatriation potential is obvious.

The miner armed with technical knowledge and monetary resources can equip the heating of its own home on its own. There are no finished solutions here, and most have to design the home heating system on their own.

In addition to heating the house, miners direct excess heat to the heating of the basement, garage, pool or water tank, as well as greenhouses. Thus, many miners have not paid for heating for many years.

Interesting solutions for repatriation of excess mining heat are offered by the French startup WISEMINING. He developed water heating systems of residential buildings, which use the water heating BTC Kotel SATO. In it, the hash payments are placed directly in a special container under the boiler. Thanks to this, the boiler heats water and produces BTC without excessive energy consumption.

Minino heat from large farms can also be used for centralized heating of apartment buildings. In 2018, the Canadian company Heatmine used excessive heat from mining for heating water and heating greenhouses, which grows strawberries. Moreover, the Heatmine team also experimented with connecting private houses and even entire enterprises to heating systems. Now the startup is closed, but its founder wants to continue work in the direction of repatriation of mining heat.

Another interesting player in this market is the Canadian mining company Mintgreen, which, together with Lonsdale Energy Corporation, uses excessive heat from mining for heating more than 100 houses and buildings in the Northern Vancouver – town in the province of British Colombia. During the year, the “digital boilers” patented Mintgreen should prevent the atmosphere of more than 20,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases on Megavatt and compensate for up to 96% energy consumption for mining. The authorities of the Northern Vancouver are aimed at maximizing minimization of carbon emissions by 2050, and the use of mining heat is an important step to achieve this goal.


As you can understand from the article, excess heat secreted during cryptocurrency mining, it is appropriate to spend it as difficult, minimizing the harmful effects on the ecology, saving resources and even earnings. While the repatriation of such heat is slight and they are experimental, but it is important that there are more of them.

The cryptosector has the potential to become an important part of the energy. Heat disposal fits completely into the global trend of achieving maximum energy efficiency. Therefore, we are waiting for an increase in the number of such projects as cryptocurrencies are popularizing.

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