Cybercriminals washed the Renbridge bridge over $ 540 million through the cross

Cybercriminals washed over $ 540 million through the Renbridge cross-bridge

Renbridge cross-bridge was used by criminals to launder more than half a billion dollars. Such conclusions came analysts Elliptic.

Cross-Chain Crime Is a Growing Challenge for Aml. MORE THE HALF A Billion Dollars Has Alread Been Laundered Through A Single Blockchain Bridge, Elliptic Research Has Found.

– Elliptic (@elliptic) August 10, 2022

Experts have found that since 2020, through Renbridge, have beenhed about $ 540 million obtained during thefts, fraud, extortion software and other types of criminal activity.

Among them are the crypto-actors stolen from exchanges and Defi services in the amount of at least $ 267.2 million, including $ 33.8 million stolen from Liquid.

Also, unknown people sent part of the funds received from the attack on the Nomad Cross-Protocol to Renbridge.

The bridge is also often used by extortion operators – at the time of analysis, over $ 153 million received as a ransom from victims through Renbridge.

Experts called decentralized cross-bridges “unregulated alternative exchanges for transferring funds between blockchains”. They indicated that attackers are increasingly using them, complicating assets tracking.

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