Awareness of recession

Awareness of recession

Yesterday we reported that this week will be very saturated with events: the reporting of large companies, the Federal Council meeting, at which a decision will be made to increase the interest rate and indicators for US GDP in the second quarter. The last aspect is especially interesting, since Finance Minister Janet Yellen and President Biden underestimate the importance of data talking about an impending recession in the United States.

Janet Yellen, in particular, said that two negative GDP quarters do not mean that the United States is recession or, moreover, are already in it.

Disputes about what to consider a recession and what is not is currently underway all over the world. It is possible that we are already in the worst macroeconomic situation since the last financial crisis in the United States, and maybe the economy only moves towards a large -scale recession. In any case, this significantly affects crypto -investors.

The cryptocurrency, which we know her, never experienced a real recession (in a broad sense), so there are a lot of anxiety on crypto and there is a decrease from 3% to 5%.

Key news: Chipotle Burritos go to cryptocurrency

Chipotle Mexican Grill, beloved by all Latin American snack fast food in the United States, where the legendary burrito is prepared, has just launched the Buy The Dip campaign and game, during which the restaurant will distribute more than $ 200,000 in cryptocurrency.

This is the second acquaintance of Chipotle Mexican Grill with cryptocurrency. Previously, he held the Burrit or Bitcoin campaign.

Attraction of restaurants to cryptocurrency marketing, namely, the use of cryptocurrency as a payment is an excellent initiative, as it reduces the load on customers who do not have to use cash and saves the time of cashiers, making the entire payment process more efficient.

People slowly switch to cryptography, but at the same time they use their phones for more and more functions, and of course, for payments. Therefore, it will be much more convenient for them to pay in Chipotle with cryptocurrency, such as USDT, instead of digging in pockets in search of cash or get a wallet, insert a debit card and enter a PIN code.

The main conclusion is that this initiative of the restaurant with a huge audience has a positive effect on the process of accepting cryptocurrency.

This week markets will be more and more volatile every day, while some coins, in turn, will show good results. Today, the first five coins on PHEMEX include Marlin (Pond/USDT), Polkastarter (Pols/USDT), Radicle (Rad/USDT), Strongblock (Strong/USDT) and RSS3 (RSS3/USDT).

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