Promising coins #22 – a selection from Revenuebot

Promising coins #22 – a selection from Revenuebot

Many cryptocurrencies and tokens appear daily. Some of them are practical, that is, they perform some kind of function. Others, on the contrary, carry exclusively a phante function and can only be in demand due to a strong hype around the project. Revenuebot picked up several coins, which should pay attention to.

AAVE cryptocurrency is an open source protocol, without castodial use, which allows you to create cash markets. Users can receive interest on deposits and occupy assets.

Analysts against the backdrop of interest in cryptocurrencies predicted that the service will be popular in the framework of marginal trade. A contract for a leverage is concluded, providing cryptocurrency is created, and as soon as the user goes beyond his own funds, the system closes the contract, transfer the money back and everything.

Against the backdrop of a decline in interest in the crypto industry, brokers decided to deal with margin trade on their own. Tools for this have developed enough. Therefore, the project has returned to its original idea – lending to individuals on the basis of complete anonymity.

AAVE cryptocurrency acts as providing in all smart contracts. As soon as the user violates the conditions or cannot pay for obligations, the money is transferred to the creditor.

Avalanche cryptocurrency (AVAX) is an official network control tokene, whose owners can vote for the future of the network.

The platform was created to start smart contracts and decentralized Defi applications, as well as for the deployment of corporate blockchain networks in a scalable unified ecosystem.

Avalanche supports the same development tools as Ethereum. The capacity of the network reaches 4500 transactions per second and are confirmed instantly.

AVAX is used for P2P translators to create smart contracts, placing bets and network protection. Payment of operations, calculations and storage, as well as to create new blockchains and subnets.

Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) is a technology controlled by the community that feeds cryptocurrency, ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized DApps applications. The community has built a violent digital economy, bold new ways to earn creators on the Internet and much more.

Today Ethereum is an online platform. Her task: help in the development of decentralized online services. Development occurs due to smart contracts and a well -thought -out blockchain.

If we talk about what Ethereum is in simple words, you can say this – users get a virtual machine that allows you to develop new types of decentralized services. Each participant has equal rights in the system.


When investing in new coins, a person must soberly evaluate all the risks, because the probability that the coin will remain at the same price level or depreciate is extremely high.

This material is not a financial advice and brings only familiarization information.

For those who do not want to rely on luck, Revenuebot offers an automated trade interface. The user can trade on top crypto exchanges, including: Binance, Bittrex, FTX, OKX and others. Revenuebot provides traders with the opportunity to create trading bots that allow you to get stable passive earnings. Of the main advantages of the service, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Payment for the services of the service occurs only after receiving the first profit, no prepayment is required;
  2. Revenuebot internal marketplace allows you to buy a finished bot and sell a profitable configuration;
  3. The presence of a Revenuebot referral program allows you to make money without even resorting to trading;
  4. Revenuebot uses a strategy for averaging dollar value (DCA), with its help you can successfully trade and receive income in the long run;
  5. Automatic switching of a trading pair allows you to benefit from trade always. The bot itself will switch to another trading pair if the main one is not possible to earn money.

Revenuebot has a Telegram chat for users and an official Telegram channel where the service news is published, as well as relevant information from the crypto industry. More details with the capabilities of the service can be found on the official website Revenuebot .

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