Pow Fork developers corrected the vulnerability in the code with the removing EIP 1559

The developers of the Pow-report corrected the vulnerability in the code that removes the EIP-1559

The developers who stand behind the potential fork Ethereum Pow (ETHW) published a code that includes the removal of the EIP-1559 with the distribution of coins among miners. The community discovered a serious shortage in it.

Ethw Team Released the First Code Yesterday, Including the Removal of EIP1559 and Distribute to the Miners. PEOPLE FOUND A LOOPHOLE WHILL ROLL BACK All BLOCS to Before The London FORK. Team Released the Patch Code for the Vulnerabs This Morning. https: // t.CO/UV4T5A3OUI

– Wu Blockchain (@wublockchain) August 16, 2022

“People discovered a mistake that would roll off all the blocks to the state preceding the London Hardford. In the morning, the team released a patch for this vulnerability, ”wrote journalist Colin Wu.

Twitter user Zhijie explained that the error would not allow the blocks released after the aforementioned hardform to be added to the chain.

HM, Maybe I’m Wrong, But the Code Below Will Cause State Root in Change in a Block, and Eventrally Block Hash Change. All Blocks Sincy London Fork COULDN’t BE Accepted by Ethpow Chain. In Other Word, Ethpow Will Actually Be a Fork Since London. @Etherempow @chandlerguo https: // t.CO/7V8OJ07C5P PIC.Twitter.COM/43A8Stkeo4

– zhijie (@z_j_s) August 15, 2022

“In other words, Eth Pow would actually become the end of the chain since the activation of London,” he said.

Supporters of the “alternative broadcast” thanked the developer Alexei Akhunov for solving the problem.

At the end of July, an influential Chinese miner Chandler Guo expressed the idea of ​​Fork with the appearance of Ethereum branch, which will continue to work at the Proof-OF-WORK algorithm. The ETHW asset that has appeared as a result will allow the mines of the second cryptocurrency capitalization to continue work after the merger.

Earlier, supporters of the Ethereum Pow-Form called it “inevitable”. However, Coinshares experts skeptically appreciated the prospects of cryptocurrency, calling it “non -viable”.

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