Immunefi experts estimated the cost of 134 Bayc stolen $ 13 6 million

Immunefi experts estimated the cost of 134 Bayc stolen in $ 13.6 million

The cost of 143 tokens from the NFT-collection of the Bored Yacht Club (Bayc), which the Opensea MarketPlays assigned a mark of suspicious activity, is $ 13.58 million. Such an assessment was led by Bag-Bounty Platforms Immunefi.

134 out of 143 tokens worth $ 12.64 million, retain a similar status.

The most expensive Bayc in this sample was last implemented at the price of 194 ETH ($ 267 914).

Such NFT cannot be bought, sold or transferred using the Opensearch function.

Opensea does not store tokens on the platform. Attackers can use other services for the transfer or sale of stolen NFT or interact with interested users directly.

After the transfer of ownership, token may lose such a marking. Immunefi was brought as an example of Bored Ape #9988. NFT changed the owner as a result of an exchange of a surcharge of 6.13 ETH on the Bored Ape #753 in the NFTX platform liquidity bullet.

Experts recalled that the best protection of tokens from attackers is the cold storage of assets. Users become a victim of hackers as a result of phishing, malicious links and programs, as well as viruses.

In the case of an attack on the NFT market, experts recommended to cancel any platform access and move tokens to a hardware wallet.

Recall that Immunefi estimated the losses of crypto projects from hacks in the second quarter of $ 670.7 million.

According to the results of January-March 2022, the indicator amounted to $ 1.22 billion.

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