Experts pointed out the uncertainty of the future XRP despite the growth of the asset

Experts pointed out the uncertainty of the future XRP, despite the growth of the asset

On April 6, the cost of the XRP token updated the three -year maximum, overcoming $ 1. The asset shifted USDT from Tether from the fourth line in the capitalization currency rating.

Forklog learned from experts how long the current growth of token will be and what local maximums he will be able to achieve in the near future.

EXANTE leading strategist Janis Kivikulis believes that the fate of XRP remains uncertain. This is due to the closeness of Ripple itself and numerous suspicions of fraud.

“When Ripple assures investors in good chances of winning, it may be a high probability,” the expert warns.

A claim of the Securities Commission and SEC exchanges (SEC) can be considered in two ways: as the desire of the regulator to force Ripple to more legality and openness or as a sign of corporate cryptocurrencies that they are very at risk, by analogy with Telegram Open Network (Ton) Pavel Durov.

“Right now, XRP shows growth against the background of rumors about Token relisting in a number of exchanges, including Coinbase. But this does not speak at all about the positive outcome of the proceedings – the divisting series that was preceding this did not have serious legal grounds, and the token technically remains in the ranks, ”said Yanis Kivikulis.

He added that if the company loses the court, XRP risks being finally squeezed out of the crypto, and in case of victory, its price may take place at times.

“However, even with an increase in the asset, it is worth remembering that this is a completely commercial project that has a very conditional attitude to the cryptocurrency world,” Kivivulis noted.

The coin really gained an ambiguous reputation in the community. The founder of Garantex and CEO Indefieco Sergei Mendeleev said that comment on Ripple – “Bad Tone”.

Head of the CEX data analysis department.IO Broker Yuri Mazur connects the current XRP growth with the catch -up of lost dynamics, which is supported by the influx of new investors and the return of old players.

“Investors who invested in the XRP at peak values ​​are profitable to raise the price of the asset to optimize their losses. And the new investors in XRP attracts certainty and clarity of the boundaries of potential growth. The nearest probable levels for the growth in token are $ 3.2– $ 3.7, ”the specialist is convinced.

The main factor for all market participants Mazur called the outcome of the trial with the SEC:

“If market participants get a hint of a favorable outcome for Ripple – XRP/USD, probably not only return to the peak of 2018, but also update historical maximums”.

According to the analyst, from a technical point of view, the pair XRP/USD enters the position of the second growth wave, while other assets are waiting for the third wave.

“Probably, the XRP pump is initially limited to the resistance zone in the area of ​​$ 1– $ 1.2, from which there will be a slight correction. Then, with a favorable fundamental background, a sharp increase in $ 3.2 is quite possible. However, with a negative scenario of the development of events, correction from levels of $ 1–1,2 will go into a descending trend. So far, the probability of both the event is approximately the same, ”concluded Yuri Mazur.

The co -founder and managing partner of TokenBox Vladimir Dermakis connects the growth of XRP with predominant bull moods on the crypto:

“I think everyone has moved a little from the trial and are in a more calm position. There is a fairly large level of greed at which people buy certain coins, including XRP “.

A big plus for Ripple the expert considers its adaptation to world banks as a financial technology for transferring and control the distribution of funds. However, he connects the high level of risk with the token.

“I fundamentally consider this coin to be quite highly risk and investing over 5% –10% of the total crypto portfel, I would not recommend it,” Permikis concluded.

The head of the Six Nines Data Center, Sergei Troshin, among the most likely reasons for the growth of the asset, called fraud with volumes and recent rumors about the XRP religion on exchanges.

He recalled that the impermissibility of token and the discontent of the community with large volumes of its sales top managers were pressure factors for the price.

“This year, claims appeared not only among traders, but also from SEC. However, traders from Reddit came to save Token – they have repeatedly helped drowning this year. But here it was not without manipulations – the price fell under an avalanche of sales, and many buyers remained in the red. “.

Based on them, Troshin concludes that “no matter how the case with SEC is resolved, the XRP token remains a dubious investment”.

Earlier, an analyst and trader under the nickname Crediblecrypto wrote on Twitter that XRP will soon return the place of the third digital currency in market capitalization.

LOL JUST WATCH HOW Quickly $ XRP Makes It Back to the Top 3 ..

– Credible Crypto (@crediblecrypto) April 5, 2021

“Lol, see how quickly XRP will return to the top three”.

According to him, the rising XRP trend began after overcoming resistance at $ 0.56 and its repeated test as support.

Red Resistance Region Cleared, BackTested Nicaly on the Daily, Looks Good to Go. $ XRP You Are Cleared for Takeoff 🚀 https: // t.CO/KBMXCZ7O9V Pic.Twitter.COM/FICLRUKDP

– Credible Crypto (@crediblecrypto) April 4, 2021

“The red resistance zone is cleaned, well tested on the day schedule, everything is in order. XRP is ready for take -off, ”wrote Crediblecrypto on Twit on April 4.

A few hours after this tweet, the cost of XRP increased to $ 0.93.

Credible did not rule out that in the future, XRP will be able to oust Ethereum from second place in market capitalization.

I Don’t See Why Wouldn’t Be Possible.

– Credible Crypto (@crediblecrypto) April 5, 2021

“I don’t understand why this is impossible,” he said.

At the time of writing, the XRP market capitalization is $ 47 billion.

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