Binance paid $ 200,000 for help in the capture of hackers

Binance paid $ 200,000 for help in the capture of hackers

Binance cryptocurrency exchange paid $ 200,000 to a group of investigators for help in capture hackers standing for an attempt to hack a platform in March 2018. Representatives of Binance told FORKLOG about this.

Then users who used the API key to synchronization with trading bots were victims of unauthorized transactions. The attackers received their data using the phishing version of the Binance site, representatives of the exchange say.

Soon after the attack, Binance announced a reward of $ 250,000 for information about hackers. Another $ 10 million platform promised for help in preventing such incidents.

“In the same month, a group of investigators presented a detailed report on the personality of one of the hackers and details of the attack,” the exchange said in a statement.

Law enforcement agencies suspect two people at the organization of attacks. According to Binance, the US Ministry of Justice charged them.

Binance paid $ 200,000 for helping hackers. The company will transfer the remaining $ 50,000 after their detention.

Binance representatives noted that the exchange security service is constantly working to prevent threats in cryptocurrency space.

In September 2019, Binance helped the London police in investigating £ 41.6 million ($ 51.2 million). In August 2020, the Department of Cyber ​​Police of Ukraine noted the assistance of the cryptocurrencies in the capture of three persons involved in the laundering of $ 42 million through cryptocurrencies.

Recall that in November, Binance Security Service announced a return of $ 345,000 stolen from users of the Wine SWAP platform.

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