Ethereum Mixer Tornado Cash fell under US sanctions

The Tornado Cash Ethereum Mixer has fallen under US sanctions

On August 8, OFAC included the site of the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency mixer, as well as the 39 Ethereum and 6 USDC addresses.

In total, $ 437 million in stablcoins, ETH and WBTC lies with blocked wallets.

According to the agency, since the creation of Tornado Cash in 2019, with its help, attackers pierced cryptocurrency worth more than $ 7 billion. Over $ 455 million are associated with the activities of the North Korean hacker group Lazarus Group.

Tornado Cash was also used to launder more than $ 96 million received by cybercriminals as a result of robbery of Harmony in June 2022. In addition, at least $ 7.8 million stolen during the hacking of the Nomad cross-country hacking in early August passed through the service.

The department blocked any property of Tornado Cash within the borders of the United States. Residents and citizens of the country are prohibited from working with the service.

Recall that in May the US Treasury Mixer Blender Cryptocurrencies has been submitted to the sanctions list.Io and related bitcoin and ethereum addresses. The Office claims that the service helped to wash the funds stolen by North Korean hackers, and was supposedly involved in the attacks of reprivation programs.

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